Mental Health Cannot Be Ignored

There is no unequivocal answer to the question “What is good mental health?”. Attempts to define mental health are subjective. Perspective is influenced by innumerable variables: values, beliefs, experiences, culture, occupation, age and gender to name a few.

Defining mental health or wellness is fraught with difficulty and subjectivity. Throughout history mental health has been socially, politically, legally and culturally defined. It can be argued that the manifestation of mental illness is primarily culturally determined. It makes sense, then, that good mental health is also likely to demonstrate cross-cultural variations.

Many people believe that individuals are afforded good mental health when society enables them to have a purposeful social, economic and cultural role. There is much evidence to suggest that connectedness and caring relationships are important components of wellness across the life-span.

Mental health is a very tricky issue because it is a hard thing to diagnose and can be even harder to figure out from an outside perspective. People can say that they have mental health issues, but there is no way to verify it unless you take the person at their word. With the increase of pressure in the world today, whether it means trying to hold on to a job or trying to simply find a job, the issue of stress if becoming a major issue in society and that brings about the issues of mental instability and issues that can only be treated by professional who are trained at dealing with those issues.

It is easy to diagnose a physical health problem because the results can be easily analysed, but having to deal with mental issues is a lot more complicated. Many people have many mental health issues that can revert all the way back to their childhood and so many people think that loading their patients up with medications are the answer to everything. They rarely are and it is important to remember that a mental issue cannot be diagnosed simply by a doctor.

It takes a little while to just define what a person is dealing with. It could be ADD, ADHD, or any one of another mental disabilities, but it takes time and money to figure out what the problem might be or what the issues is that are causing the mental disabilities. There are many ways to suppress a mental health issue for a brief period of time, but coming up with the right solution is the right way to go.

Don’t ignore your mental health any longer; if you are suffering from mental health issues or know anyone who is, reach out for support. You’re not alone.